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Ü30 the Party Generation

Release: Ü30 the Party Generation

Ü30 the Party Generation


01 Evelyn Thomas - High Energy 03:40
02 Anita Ward - Ring My Bell 04:07
03 Gibson Brothers - Que Sera Mi Vida 05:18
04 Patrick Hernandez - Born to Be Alive 03:39
05 Kool and the Gang - Let┤s Go Dancin 06:41
06 Gloria Gaynor - I Am What I Am 03:21
07 Clout - Save Me 04:13
08 Kelly Marie - Feels Like I┤am in Love 03:16
09 O. N. John & J. Travolta - You┤re the One 02:48
that I Want
10 Village People - In the Navy 03:42
11 Garland Jeffris - Matador 04:43
12 Hot Butter - Popcorn 02:32
13 KC & the Sunshine Band - That┤s the Way 03:08
(I Like it)
14 Disco Tex & the Se_O_Letters - Get Dancin┤ 04:28
15 James Brown - Sex Machine (Live) 03:26
16 Chic - Le Freak (Live) 05:16
17 Stevie Wonder - Happy Birthday 05:56


01 Stars on 45 - Voulez-Vous S.O.S. Bang A 05:10
Boomerang Money Money Money
02 Lipps Inc - Funkytown 03:20
03 Village People - Y.M.C.A. 03:44
04 Sister Sledge - Lost in Music 03:38
05 Diana Ross and the Supremes - Baby Love 02:39
06 Gloria Gaynor - Never Can Say Goodbye 05:05
07 The Pointer Sisters - Neutron Dance 04:15
08 Kool and the Gang - Ladies Night 03:30
09 Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing 04:05
10 George Mccrae - Rock Your Baby 03:19
11 Imagination - Just an Illusion 03:59
12 Johnny Wakelin - In Zaire 03:02
13 Desmond Dekker - You Can Get if You Really 02:42
14 Bob Marley and the Wailers - Could You Be 03:54
15 Smokie - Lay Back in the Arms of Someone 04:06
16 Bay City Rollers - Bye Bye Baby 02:42
17 Tina Charles - I Love to Love 03:19


01 Village People - Go West 03:36
02 Nick Straker Band - A Walk in the Park 04:11
03 Goombay Dance Band - Sun of Jamaica 04:27
04 Hot Chocolate - So You Win Again 03:52
05 James Brown - Living in America 04:44
06 Barry White - Youre the First the Last 03:26
07 Santa Esmeralda - Dont Let Me Be 03:25
08 Rose Royce - Car Wash 02:53
09 Kool and the Gang - Celebration 04:59
10 KC and the Sunshine Band - Please Dont Go 03:50
11 Aretha Franklin - Chain of Fools 02:48
12 The Pointer Sisters - Jump (for My Love) 04:29
13 Jackson 5 Feat M Jackson - My Girl 03:29
14 Curtis Mayfield - Superfly 03:54
15 Temptations - Papa Was A Rolling Stone 07:13
16 Oliver Cheatham - Get Down Saturday Nights 05:36


01 Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive 04:23
02 5th Dimension - Aquarius Let the Sunshine 04:48
03 Miquel Brown - So Many Men So Little Time 03:26
04 The Doobie Brothers - What A Fool Believes 03:46
RiPPER..: -=Team OSC=- GENRE......: Pop
LABEL...: n/a SCENE DATE.: 07/23/2006
bITRATE.: VBR/44,1Hz STORE DATE.: 04/18/2006
ENCODER.: Lame 3.903 APS TRACKS.....: 100
SiZE....: 609,4 MB SOURCE.....: CDDAER : n/a

MP3 + CUE-Fileel........: n/a Catalog.No.: n/a Û²
Û Û²
Û° Tracks.......: 20 °Û°
²Û° Duration.....: 66:35 mins °Û²
Û° Size.........: 99,10 MB Quality....: VBR kbps / 44,1khz °²
Û²° Release Date.: Jul/24/2006 Mode.......: Joint-Stereo °²Û
Û± ±Ûand much needed return of rap's prophetic visionary,

"Working with The Dog in 2006 is truly a blessing," said Swizz Beatz.
"The Dog is focused. Any anyone who thought The Dog was gone better
put their head between their legs and kiss their ass goodbye. He's
looking better than ever, sounding better than ever, and creating
better than ever. Swizz Beatz plus Ruff Ryders plus DMX equals

Pulling no punches and making no excuses, DMX tears into his
blistering new songs with all the powers at his command on Year Of
The Dog Again reconnects hip-hop with the righteous moral complexity
and unflinching honesty of its roots. When asked about the current
state of hip-hop, DMX is blunt about the so-called competition. "No
one is saying anything," he exclaims. "It's not rap, it's crap. There
is no soul. I refuse to conform to the norm."

The groundbreaking new album Year Of The Dog Again includes the
single "Lord Give Me A Sign," as well as the blazin' track "We In
Here."File und Mp3 natürlich ;)historic albums, selected by Andreas.
Songs, which are particularly refering to Andreas'
speciality: musical storytelling.
The CD comes with a bonus DVD containing excerpts
of historic concerts and background information; a
preview of a four hour DVD which is scheduled to be
released the first half of 2006

Enjoy and remember ... if u like it, buy it !ining shows this |
| winter, with visits to New York City and Los Angeles scheduled for the |
| fall. They'll hit NYC's Webster Hall and Avalon for two nights each in |
| October. A full U.S. tour is in the works for early next year. |
| - greets2stereo | lustigen Texte, denen ein gewisser Tiefgang
definitiv fehlt, ausblenden koennte, waere der
Gesamteindruck sicher besser ausgefallen, denn
musikalisch verstehen es Dorfdisko durchaus, den
Hoerer zu begeistern und bedenkenlos leichte Momente
der schmerzlosen Sorte zu verteilen. Selbst die dick
aufgetragenen Streicherarrangements bei sanftmuetig
schwebenden Stuecken wie äHilferufô und äFest
Zusammenô strahlen einen Glanz aus, dem man sich
trotz der Kitsch-Gefahr nur schwer entziehen kann.
Was bleibt, ist ein Album, welches unterhaelt und
durch Spielfreude manch schwache Ansaetze
ausbuegelt. * www.motor.dey as they
become available. Ill choose how I express myself.

That desire to live free of expectations also sits at the heart of I Choose, a
song whose buoyant funk gets lifted by Bonnie Raitts guest turn on guitar. When
I see women like her, Im inspired, because I see that you can be strong and
feminine, India says of Raitt. That song is saying, I choose what kind of woman
I want to be, and shes one of those women who chooses for herself. In an even
more striking collaboration, Gary Lenox of Rascal Flatts harmonizes with India
on the wistful Summer. I love country music, she says. If someone else were to
sing some of my songs, they would be country songs, wit!2006-07-25 14:05:21.000!0͸ÛÍ!ÈÛÍÈÛÍ쥎!1ÍèÛÍ!2006-07-25 00:00:00.000‘!Bonus CD hinzugefügt*efügt**ugefügt**t*gt*se)*)icht)r*komplett*ugefügt - Info lesen! - Staffel komplett*‘0ͨÜÍ쥎ˆ¨Í9S^š6ìÜÍ0ªÍ wÍè©Íimports)99)£#ÈLÝÍøÌÈ ÎpÏçËCategory ÔÎ9¨Î!xZÏÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ„³Îÿÿÿÿ!!(HÎÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ.1.ÿÿÿÿ!ˆêÍxx]Î!HâÎÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ477ÿÿÿÿ!!0GÏÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ:35.ÿÿÿÿ!!p#Î:33.000!àÏ://|file|The_13th_Floor_(1988).German.mistkerl.ShareReactor.avi|741797888|9dbeafa3b850ba6e106772f82e00a758|/f6a|/È”Î://|file||67573763|5297E1226877AE92A57881B03DBE0691|/at¨@OÎèÔÎ13 15:44:29.000ˆ!ˆÏ(³ÎpØRÎjΤßÍ°lÎx–ÎègϨëθ»Î!82006-07-15 12:18:52.000X¨lÏ!¨X{Ïrlich Blond 28.000!@ëÍ://|file|Alison.Krauss.&.Union.Station.Live.2cd.Thedonga.VBR.rar|181193056|F685A044E86315FEF7C3438AAC12FEF8|/77D|/ Î://|file||109660586|62E6E0B286759C5B491C3012644A1C46|/08|/ PùÍ://|file||63609841|53F8C59C4A379F4194E4B6894A33815F|/o¨@öθrÏ0ÜÎ0ÜÎh1΀”Îð^ex1 ¥ŽHõΘªÍP)àgÏ䤎 â͐Ìègψ4ÎÈ ÎModifiedOn08¨˜ØÎ://|file||101360805|EEA5B55B9DD41440C31529B5DF3C4E0C|/ossx ¥Ž°ŒÎÜâÍ°Ï'Î
9136'18çËçËÐâÍH“Ëð^ehä24xp}Ï://|file|sofieswelt_(divx_deutsch_german_dvdripp)_sofies_welt.avi|669508608|7e05593c49291966c235981436247408|/|/.H ø(ÎئΐÌp0¸ÎˆlÎè¹ÎÐôÍØÌH)ܤŽܤŽ,äÍxÝÍP°Î€”ΠÍdirtyd9025'98èÍ€~ρ  ðÎ://|file|L'Âme.Immortelle.-.Als.Die.Liebe.Starb.By.Ravendark.ace|69519277|2246C7AA1AE8F4046429D4B1428AC141|/B507|/àÏ://|file|The.Waterboys.-.Best.Of.(VBR.Lame.By.Herbergsvater).rar|84507357|0BDBC7E2336E29BEEB70C5037EA6BB68|/le|Lil.Àp=Î(0Ïtå͘˜ÎðÏstring9005'ˆ9pϘÍHMÏX€4Î줎Üå͈?Έ4΀ªÎh1ÎModifiedOn'men!8°'Ë:49.000ÀíÍ://|file||44094900|75


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RiPPER..: -=Team OSC=- GENRE......: Pop
LABEL...: n/a SCENE DATE.: 07/23/2006
bITRATE.: VBR/44,1Hz STORE DATE.: 04/18/2006
ENCODER.: Lame 3.903 APS TRACKS.....: 100
SiZE....: 609,4 MB SOURCE.....: CDDA


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